20 Examples of physical and chemical changes

20 Examples of physical and chemical changes | Physical and chemical changes examples | Examples of physical and chemical changes are given below.

Physical changes Examples:

  1. Melting ice
  2. Boiling water
  3. Cutting paper
  4. Tearing a piece of cloth
  5. Dissolving salt in water
  6. Crushing a can
  7. Stretching a rubber band
  8. Bending a paperclip
  9. Condensing water vapor
  10. Evaporating alcohol
  11. Grinding coffee beans
  12. Chopping wood
  13. Freezing water
  14. Sublimation of dry ice
  15. Mixing sand and water
  16. Changing the shape of clay
  17. Magnetizing iron
  18. Breaking a glass bottle
  19. Stretching dough
  20. Changing the color of a flower by exposure to sunlight

Chemical changes Examples:

  1. Burning wood
  2. Rusting of iron
  3. Digestion of food
  4. Formation of rust on a car
  5. Baking a cake
  6. Digesting food
  7. Photosynthesis
  8. Decomposition of organic matter
  9. Fermentation of grapes to make wine
  10. Formation of soap from fat and lye
  11. Combustion of gasoline in an engine
  12. Combustion of natural gas to produce heat
  13. Corrosion of metal
  14. Digestion of sugar in the body
  15. Reaction between vinegar and baking soda
  16. Formation of rust on metal
  17. Oxidation of copper to form green patina
  18. Burning of candles
  19. Electrolysis of water to produce hydrogen and oxygen
  20. The process of respiration in the body.

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