20 Things Name in English (with Description)

20 Things Name in English

Here are 20 Things Name in English:

  1. apple
  2. book
  3. car
  4. desk
  5. elephant
  6. football
  7. guitar
  8. house
  9. ice cream
  10. jellyfish
  11. kangaroo
  12. lamp
  13. mushroom
  14. necklace
  15. ostrich
  16. pencil
  17. quilt
  18. rabbit
  19. snake
  20. tree

List of 20 Things Name in English with Short Description

  1. Apple: a round fruit with a red, yellow, or green skin and a white, crisp inside.
  2. Book: a set of written or printed sheets of paper bound together, containing stories, information, or poetry.
  3. Car: a vehicle with four wheels, a engine, and seats for people to sit in and drive.
  4. Desk: a piece of furniture with a flat top and legs, used for writing or working at.
  5. Elephant: a large animal with a trunk and tusks, native to Africa and parts of Asia.
  6. Football: a ball used in a sport played by two teams of eleven players, where the ball is kicked with the feet and the objective is to score goals.
  7. Guitar: a stringed musical instrument played by plucking the strings with the fingers or a pick.
  8. House: a building for people to live in, typically consisting of a kitchen, bathroom, and several rooms.
  9. Ice cream: a cold, sweet dessert made from cream, sugar, and flavors such as fruit or chocolate.
  10. Jellyfish: a marine animal with a soft, transparent body and tentacles, that swims by pulsating movements.
  11. Kangaroo: a marsupial native to Australia, known for its powerful hind legs and tail used for hopping and jumping.
  12. Lamp: a device that produces light, typically using electricity, and is often used to illuminate a room.
  13. Mushroom: a type of fungi with a round or umbrella-shaped cap and a stem, that grows in soil or on plants.
  14. Necklace: a piece of jewelry worn around the neck, made of beads, pearls, or other materials strung on a chain or cord.
  15. Ostrich: a large, flightless bird native to Africa, with long legs and a long neck.
  16. Pencil: a writing instrument made of graphite or lead encased in a thin wooden or plastic cylinder.
  17. Quilt: a warm bed cover made of layers of fabric and a soft filling, sewn together in a decorative pattern.
  18. Rabbit: a small, fluffy animal with long ears, known for its ability to reproduce quickly.
  19. Snake: a long, thin reptile with a scaly skin and often venomous fangs, that moves by slithering on its belly.
  20. Tree: a large plant with a trunk, branches, and leaves, that grows from a seed and is typically found in nature.

Conclusion- 20 Things Name List in English

In conclusion, the list of 20 things in English includes a variety of objects and living things, ranging from everyday items like books and pencils, to more exotic creatures like jellyfish and kangaroos.

These objects and animals come from different parts of the world and have diverse characteristics and features. From the sweet and refreshing taste of ice cream, to the soothing melodies of a guitar, these 20 things represent the diversity and richness of the English language and the world we live in.

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