From Amateur to Pro: Tips and Strategies for Successful Betting in India

Since sports betting has become the most popular pastime in the world, the question on everyone’s mind is how to make more money. 

You should not think that betting is the easiest hobby. To be successful, you have to learn the rules, strategies and tactics to bet. For beginners, this can be a very complicated process. It is impossible to understand all these points on your own. That is why this article was made. It will help you get to the bottom of the major points that will help you win as much money as possible, even at the beginning of your betting career.

Before you start training, it is worth thinking about a platform that is suitable for betting. The first things to look out for are the official licence, security protocols, bonus system and payment methods. These are the ones that are indicative when choosing a site. 

The following will describe the option that is currently chosen by 70 percent of Indian residents. 

Best Site for Sports Betting

Bettilt India is a modern platform that is attracting more and more Indian players every day. It was launched in 2014. You can find a wide range of events here, choose from a variety of internationally and locally popular sports and use the most favourable odds. You can bet live or in pre-match mode.

Betting sites operate absolutely legally and comply with all the laws of the country. That is why they received an official licence issued by the regulatory authority of Curacao. The licence number is 126608. Additionally, a sub-license has been obtained which allows the provision of electronic games, it has been issued by Striking Stingray Cyprus Limited Company and has the number 8048/JAZ2014-034. 

In order to make your experience even more enjoyable the operators have created unique and generous bonus offers. There are currently a total of 10 of them. The most popular offer at bettilt is the welcome package. It offers players a gift in 3 stages: 

  • First bet – 150 per cent up to Rs 15,000 and Rs 200 for a free bet ;
  • Second bet – 120 per cent up to Rs 12,000 and Rs 300 for a free bet ;
  • Third bet – 100 per cent up to Rs 10,000 and Rs 500 for a free bet. 

Start earning from sports betting with bettilt. 

Football Betting Strategies

Theoretically, using any strategy leads to success. But this effect depends not only on tactics, but also on such nuances as:

  • The randomness that occurs on the football pitch;
  • Tactics used by bettors;
  • The choice of sporting event.

Only by using these aspects effectively can you make a positive difference to your score.

Betting on First Half

There are a variety of betting options available, such as goal totals, half time, and more. All odds will be higher than these for the whole match. When you place a bet on the first half you should be able to win big in a short period of time. If the player loses his bet, he can win back by doubling his bet for the second half.

Danish System

This strategy says that if a player loses before the next bet, his bet is doubled. The odds should also increase by 0.5 with every betting increase. If the player wins the bet is also reduced to the starting level.

Betting against a Draw

If the player calculates the odds and bets carefully, he will always win.

The essence of the strategy is that the player chooses Life mode. The first bet is placed before the match, “against the draw”. After the first goal is scored the player changes his prediction to a “draw”.

Yellow and Red Card Strategy

In order to use this strategy, it is necessary to carefully analyse the members of the refereeing committee, the composition of the team for the game, the significance of the tournament for the team, as well as take into account the previous match statistics. The bettor should know who and what cards will be awarded during the match. In this case you can also use the live mode.

Financial Strategies

These are proven betting systems that will help the bettor manage his bankroll. Before starting to play, it is important to determine your game bank. The financial management always offers the player to avoid a bust. Therefore, the stakes are to be decided so as not to lose the whole bankroll in one or several games.

Fixed Percentage

This strategy says you should give a certain amount of money to each prediction. This will be a percentage of your bank. Professionals are advised to select the following percentages: 1%, 3%, 5% and 10%. The value you choose will depend on how much you believe in your prediction and how much risk you are willing to take. The player should carefully analyze each event, as it will affect how much he/she wins.


The fixed percentage strategy has the following advantages:

  • Stable profits over the distance;
  • String calculation and discipline.

There are no disadvantages to this option.


It is a high risk strategy that helps a player win back the money he has already lost. The idea is that with every loss the stake is doubled. It should be remembered that the odds should be more than 2.0. Because of the big risk the bets should not be too high. The initial amount should not be more than 1 – 2% of the total bank.

After the bet is played the player starts all over again, i.e. returns to the initial amount.


The strategy has the following advantages:

  • The player only needs to win once to make a net profit;
  • Increasing the pot with just one win per cycle.


The strategy has the following disadvantages:

  • The possibility of losing the whole pot quickly in a prolonged series of failures;
  • High risk due to high odds and constant increasing of the bet amount.

D’alembert Strategy

This method is very similar to the Martingale strategy. It also requires you to increase your bet amount each time you lose. The bet is doubled. The betting odds should be higher than 2.0.

When the player wins he does not go back to the original amount, he subtracts the winning amount from the previous amount and continues the process.


The main advantages of this strategy:

  • One can choose any sporting event and different sports;
  • Setting the preferred amount of profit at the player’s discretion.


This strategy has some disadvantages, they will be described below:

  • Confusing calculations for beginners;
  • The possibility of quickly losing all your money in the bank.

Tips from the Seasoned Gamblers 

Even the professionals were once beginners. And made all the same mistakes that are common to novice bettors. These tips will help you avoid bad results: 

  • Stick to your chosen strategy;
  • Periodically assess the effectiveness of the game: profitability;
  • Avoid low odds of 1.20-1.40. If you are betting a lot on favourites, try to go as high as 1.80-2.20 by using forwards and individual totals;
  • Study as many sports forecasts from experts and analysts. Modify them to suit your strategy.

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