Attachment Meaning & Definition with Example

Meaning & Definition of “Attachment”:

Attachment Meaning:

Attachment” generally refers to the state of being connected or emotionally bound to someone or something. It can involve both physical and emotional connections, indicating a sense of closeness or dependence.

Attachment Definition:

Attachment” is a noun that signifies a bond, link, or connection to someone or something. It can encompass various forms, such as emotional attachments, physical connections, or associations with ideas or objects.

Attachment Example:

  1. Emotional Attachment: The child formed a strong attachment to his favorite teddy bear, finding comfort and security in its presence.
  2. Physical Attachment: The attachment of the document to the email was crucial for the recipient to understand the context of the message.
  3. Relational Attachment: Over the years, Helen developed a deep attachment to her close friends, valuing their companionship and support.

In these examples, “attachment” is used to express a connection or bond, whether it’s emotional (attachment to a teddy bear), physical (attachment of a document), or relational (attachment to friends).

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