Attraversiamo Meaning in Urdu

Attraversiamo Meaning in Urdu : “Attraversiamo” is an Italian verb that means “to cross” or “to pass through.” It does not have a direct translation in Urdu. In Urdu, the verb that is most similar in meaning to “attraversiamo” is “پڑنا” (parna), which means “to cross” or “to pass through.” However, this verb is generally used to describe physical movement or travel, rather than a more abstract or metaphorical passage or journey.

For example, you could use “پڑنا” in the following sentence to describe someone crossing a bridge:

میں سے دریائے میں پڑنا ہے تاکہ دیگر طرف پہ پہنچ سکوں. (I am crossing the river to get to the other side.)

It is possible to use more abstract or metaphorical language in Urdu to describe a passage or journey, but the specific wording and phrasing would depend on the context and the intended meaning.

Here are a few examples of sentences that use “پڑنا” in different contexts:

  • میں نے جی سے پہاڑ پر پڑنا ہے. (I am crossing the mountain on foot.)
  • ہم نے سمندر پر پارکیو پر پڑنا ہے. (We are crossing the ocean on a ferry.)
  • میں نے سر سے پہاڑ کے چھتیوں پر پڑنا ہے. (I am crossing the top of the mountain on a rope bridge.)

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