Biden’s Armageddon Warning for Europe

Talking about the ongoing war between Ukraine and Russia, President Biden warned that the risk of nuclear ‘Armageddon’ is the highest since the 1962 Cuba missile crisis.

President Biden said there remains a direct threat of the use of nuclear weapons during the ongoing military conflict between Ukraine and Russia.

The president said there are now talks of using strategic nuclear weapons after Russia’s massive failures in the eight-month-long offensive in Ukraine.

However, the Pentagon issued a statement saying that there is no indication that Russian President Putin is planning a nuclear attack following Biden’s “Armageddon” remarks.

Pentagon national security adviser Jake Sullivan said recently that the US takes Putin’s threats seriously, but there is no indication that Russia is planning to use nuclear weapons.

President Biden has put the US military on red alert, announcing a nuclear “Armageddon” on Thursday.

At a Democratic fundraiser gathering hosted by James Murdoch, Biden portrayed Russian President Vladimir Putin as “a person I know well” and said Putin would be in trouble when it came to the use of strategic nuclear weapons or biological or chemical weapons. He was not joking at the time he was talking about. They can do that too.”

Statement of Kelly O’Donnell –

On Air Force One, @PressSec says there is no new intelligence that shaped the president’s use of the term Armageddon discussing Putin and nuclear weapons at a fundraiser last night.

Kathryn Watson Tweet for Biden nuclear Armageddon

Q : Did the president plan to use the word Armageddon? Why that word?

@PressSec : “Russia’s talk of using nuclear weapons is irresponsible. And there’s no way to use them without unintended consequences. … We have not seen any reason to adjust our own nuclear posture…”

Steven Portnoy Statement about Biden nuclear Armageddon

WH says no new intelligence led to Biden’s remarks to donors about nuclear Armageddon. @PressSec says Biden was speaking of Putin’s nuke comments :

“The kind of irresponsible rhetoric we have seen is no way for the leader of a nuclear armed state to speak,” she said.

Kaitlan Collins Statement (@kaitlancollins)

No new intelligence was behind President Biden’s warning last night about the risk of a potential nuclear “Armageddon,” Karine Jean-Pierre says. There is no information that Russia is preparing to “imminently” use nuclear weapons, she adds.