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Charles Babbage Biography: This article provides a biography of Charles Babbage, who is widely considered the father of the computer. The article covers various aspects of his life story, including information about his parents, education, birthday & age, wife, children, siblings, family, studies, religion, and caste. Additionally, the article discusses his death and provides detailed information about his life story. If you want to learn more about Charles Babbage’s biography, be sure to read the article in its entirety.

Charles Babbage Biography

Charles Babbage was an English mathematician and inventor who is credited with designing the first mechanical computer, known as the “Difference Engine,” in the early 19th century. Babbage’s work laid the foundations for the development of modern computers and he is often considered one of the fathers of computing.

Babbage was born in London in 1791 and received a classical education at Trinity College, Cambridge. He became interested in the potential of machines to perform calculations and began working on the design of a mechanical calculator in the 1820s. His designs for the Difference Engine were funded by the British government, but the machine was never completed due to technical difficulties and lack of funding.

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Despite the failure of the Difference Engine, Babbage’s work was an important step in the development of modern computers and his ideas influenced later developments in the field. He is remembered as one of the pioneers of computing and his contributions to the field have earned him a reputation as one of the fathers of computing.


NameCharles Babbage
Date of Birth26 December 1791
Birth PlaceLondon, United Kingdom
ParentsBetsy Plumleigh Teape,
Benjamin Babbage
Died18 October 1871
Death PlaceMarylebone, London, United Kingdom
Benjamin Herschel Babbage,
Charles Whitmore Babbage
SpouseGeorgiana Whitmore (m. 1814–1827)
AwardsGold Medal of the Royal Astronomical Society (1824)
RelativesWilliam Wolryche-Whitmore (brother-in-law)
Scientific Career (Fields)Mathematics, engineering, political economy, computer science
InstitutionsTrinity College, Cambridge
InfluencesRobert Woodhouse, Gaspard Monge, John Herschel
InfluencedKarl Marx, John Stuart Mill, Ada Lovelace

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