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Many readers ask questions to “Career Alert”. Today we are going to answer some such questions.

I am a student of 12th (commerce stream). I want to be a detective. Please provide some guidance.

Guidance It would be better if you graduate from the stream of your choice first. If you are completely serious about becoming a detective, then in the meantime, read biographies of famous spies of India and abroad and learn about their qualities.
You can also take help of internet to increase your information. The central government institutions of the country (like CBI, RAW, Intelligence Bureau, etc.) also need spies, who are recruited from time to time with different designations.
The states also have CID and LEU (Local Intelligence Unit). However, they are usually recruited from the state police. Yes, there are also detective agencies in metros, big cities, who, with the permission of the local administration, spy on people, companies and institutions as per their requirement.
If you have a keen interest in this field, then you can also find opportunities to work in such companies.

I want to go to the civil service. I wanted to graduate from IIT, but I could not qualify JEE Main. Should I prepare for IIT this year or should I graduate from another institution?

Guidance – If you feel that by preparing for one more year you will qualify JEE Main and Advance, then of course you should leave and prepare for one year.
But if you have a little doubt in it, then you should complete the graduation by taking admission in the stream of your choice in a better institution.
During graduation, you should continue to progress the preparation of Civil Services Examination from the NCERT books, newspapers and limited reference texts by making UPSC syllabus the basis.
Once the syllabus is covered, when revising, then keep practicing to solve the questions of preliminary and main examination.

I study in 11th grade from Arts stream. I want to be a lawyer. What to do?

Guidance : If you want to make a career as a lawyer, you have to do LLB (Bachelor of Law) for this. The good thing is that now a five-year LLB / Law course is also available after XII.
However, most law colleges / universities give admission on the basis of ‘CLAT’ (Common Law Admission Test), so you have to qualify this entrance.
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