Career Guide FAQs: Banking job or MBA after B.Com, IAS Preparation since 12th

Usually all the youngsters have a lot of questions in mind about their career, course options, exam preparation. Accurate and reliable guidance is essential for such youth. You can solve questions related to your career or exam preparation with users’ questions and our expert counsellor’s answers.
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In the latest version, the career counsellor took questions based on the queries of the users, for whom guidance, banking preparation after B.Com or CAT preparation for MBA (B.Com).
after 12th was to become IAS. Preparation of IAS after 12th.

I am a B.Com second year student. I am not able to decide whether I should prepare competitive exam for banking job or ‘CAT’ for MBA?

Most of the young people of your age go through this type of dilemma, so instead of getting too worried about it, think about the solution. This solution is nowhere else but you, within yourself.
In fact, most of the youth, in trying to run after success, forget that they are interested in whether they really want to go or not? This is the reason why this race becomes the antelope, which never takes the name of ending. Ultimately, it leads to frustration, hopelessness and depression.
The way to avoid this is to first try to understand your own ‘Passion’. Understand yourself well.
Listen to the mind If you will understand your interests and choice and explore the field of career related to it, then you will not have to fall prey to dilemma. Based on these things, you can decide whether you should prepare for banking or MBA.

I have passed 12th Mathematics with 70% marks. Now what should I do to become an IAS?

With what percentage of marks you have passed the school examination, there is no point in becoming an IAS. If something is most important, it is knowledge.
For the moment, focus on increasing knowledge by increasing curiosity. There will be three years full time during further graduation.
Use it with syllabus and insist on increasing conceptual knowledge keeping in mind all the stages of the Civil Services Examination. For this, take the help of books, newspapers and articles up to the twelfth of NCERT. Focus on understanding rather than rote, so that you can easily answer any type of question based on them.