Kiribati Country Code for WhatsApp

Kiribati Country Code for WhatsApp: In today’s interconnected world, WhatsApp serves as an essential platform for global communication, allowing individuals to stay connected across borders effortlessly. If you’re seeking to connect with contacts in Kiribati, understanding the country code for WhatsApp is imperative. Here’s a comprehensive guide to help you navigate:

Kiribati Country Code for WhatsApp:

The country code for Kiribati on WhatsApp is +686.

By appending this code before the local number, you ensure that your messages are directed accurately to contacts in Kiribati.

How to Use the Country Code:

Using the Kiribati country code on WhatsApp is simple. Just add +686 before the local phone number when saving contacts or sending messages.

For instance, if the local number is 1234567890, save it as +6861234567890 in your WhatsApp contacts.

Creating Links with the Country Code:

To generate links with the Kiribati country code on WhatsApp, adhere to the standard format:<country code><phone number>

For Kiribati, the link would be

FAQs related to Kiribati Country Code for WhatsApp:

Who Assigned the Country Code for Kiribati?

The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) assigned the country code +686 to Kiribati.

When Was the Country Code Assigned to Kiribati?

Kiribati was assigned the country code +686 in 1979.

Kiribati Information:

Official Country NameRepublic of Kiribati
CapitalSouth Tarawa
CurrencyAustralian Dollar (AUD)
LanguageEnglish, Gilbertese
PopulationApproximately 123,000
Total AreaApproximately 811 square kilometers (most of the land area is dispersed across 33 atolls and reef islands)

Kiribati, situated in the central Pacific Ocean, is known for its stunning coral atolls, pristine beaches, and rich marine biodiversity. The country’s unique geography spans across the equator and the International Date Line, making it one of the first places to welcome each new day. Kiribati’s culture is deeply rooted in tradition, with practices such as traditional dancing, storytelling, and canoe building still prevalent today.


Mastering the Kiribati country code for WhatsApp facilitates seamless communication with contacts in this picturesque Pacific island nation. By following the guidelines outlined in this guide, you can ensure smooth connectivity and stay connected with loved ones, friends, and colleagues in Kiribati and beyond.

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