Lokpal Chairman List: List of Chairpersons of the Lokpal Committee

Lokpal Chairman List: The Lokpal of India is an anti-corruption authority established to address grievances of corruption against public officials and ensure transparency in governance. Here is a comprehensive list of the Lokpal Committee Chairmen, their tenure, and other relevant details.

List of Chairpersons of the Lokpal Committee

Sr. No.NameTerm Start – Term EndTenureAppointed by
1.Pinaki Chandra Ghose23 March 2019 – 27 May 20223 years, 65 daysRam Nath Kovind
2.Pradip Kumar Mohanty
(additional charge)
28 May 2022 – 26 February 20241 year, 359 daysRam Nath Kovind
3.Ajay Manikrao Khanwilkar27 February 2024 – IncumbentCurrentDroupadi Murmu

Lokpal Chairman List: List of Chairpersons of the Lokpal Committee

1. Pinaki Chandra Ghose

  • Term Start: 23 March 2019
  • Term End: 27 May 2022
  • Tenure: 3 years, 65 days
  • Appointed by: President Ram Nath Kovind


Pinaki Chandra Ghose was the first Lokpal of India, taking office on 23 March 2019. Prior to his appointment, he served as a judge of the Supreme Court of India. His tenure marked the establishment of the Lokpal office, which plays a crucial role in fighting corruption within the government and public sector.

2. Pradip Kumar Mohanty (Additional Charge)

  • Term Start: 28 May 2022
  • Term End: 26 February 2024
  • Tenure: 1 year, 359 days
  • Appointed by: President Ram Nath Kovind


Pradip Kumar Mohanty took over the responsibilities of Lokpal chairman in an additional charge capacity following the tenure of Pinaki Chandra Ghose. His role was pivotal in ensuring the continuity of the Lokpal’s functions and maintaining its operations during the transition period.

3. Ajay Manikrao Khanwilkar

  • Term Start: 27 February 2024
  • Term End: Incumbent
  • Tenure: Current
  • Appointed by: President Droupadi Murmu


Ajay Manikrao Khanwilkar is the current Lokpal chairman, having assumed office on 27 February 2024. Known for his extensive judicial experience, including serving as a judge in the Supreme Court, Khanwilkar’s leadership is expected to further strengthen the Lokpal’s mandate in combating corruption and promoting transparency.

Significance of Lokpal Chairmen:

The role of the Lokpal Chairman is crucial in India’s fight against corruption. Each chairman brings their judicial and administrative expertise to the office, ensuring that corruption cases are handled with diligence and integrity. The Lokpal is responsible for investigating corruption allegations against public officials and recommending actions based on their findings. The office aims to create a transparent and accountable governance system in India.

Key Responsibilities of the Lokpal:

  • Investigating allegations of corruption against public officials.
  • Ensuring transparency and accountability in government operations.
  • Recommending actions based on investigation findings.
  • Strengthening anti-corruption mechanisms within the public sector.

Importance of Tenure:

The tenure of each Lokpal Chairman is significant as it defines the continuity and consistency of anti-corruption efforts in India. The appointed chairmen have varied tenures, each bringing unique contributions to the Lokpal’s mission. Long tenures allow for the implementation of long-term strategies, while short tenures ensure fresh perspectives and dynamic leadership.


The Lokpal Chairman list reflects the evolution of anti-corruption leadership in India. From the pioneering efforts of Pinaki Chandra Ghose to the current leadership of Ajay Manikrao Khanwilkar, each chairman has played a vital role in enhancing the effectiveness of the Lokpal. Their collective efforts contribute to building a transparent and accountable governance system, upholding the rule of law, and ensuring justice in public administration.


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