Uttarakhand Revenue Department Chairman List (since 2001) | Uttarakhand Revenue Council Chairman List

Uttarakhand Revenue Council Chairman List: The Uttarakhand Revenue Department has seen a succession of esteemed Chairmen who have contributed significantly to the state’s administrative framework. This guide provides a detailed overview of the Chairmen who have served in the Uttarakhand Revenue Department, including their tenure dates and noteworthy contributions.

Uttarakhand Revenue Department Chairman List (since 2001) | Uttarakhand Revenue Council Chairman List

Sr. No.NameTenure Start DateTenure End Date
1Shri Subhash Kumar IAS01.05.201213.08.2013
2Shri S.K. Patru IAS13.08.201331.01.2014
3Shri Subhash Kumar IAS01.02.201421.10.2014
4Shri Rakesh Sharma IAS27.11.201430.10.2015
5Shri Rakesh Sharma IAS15.01.201613.04.2016
6Shri S. Ramaswamy IAS03.04.201630.04.2020
7Shri Om Prakash IAS01.05.202031.05.2022
8Smt. Radha Raturi IAS02.06.202218.05.2023
9Smt. Manisha Panwar IAS18.05.202330.11.2023
10Shri Anand Bardhan IAS21.12.2023Present

Chief Revenue Commissioner List:

Sr. No.NameTenure Start DateTenure End Date
1Shri S.K. Das31.08.200102.12.2003
2Shri Nrip Singh Nawalyal03.12.200307.12.2008
3Shri Subhash Kumar08.12.200812.09.2010
4Shri P.C. Sharma13.09.201030.04.2012

Chief Revenue Commissioner List:

The role of the Chief Revenue Commissioner in Uttarakhand is crucial for maintaining the efficiency and integrity of the revenue department. Below is a detailed list of individuals who have held this prestigious position:

1. Shri S.K. Das

  • Tenure: 31.08.2001 – 02.12.2003
  • Key Contributions: Shri S.K. Das laid the foundational policies and streamlined various processes within the department, setting a precedent for his successors.

2. Shri Nrip Singh Nawalyal

  • Tenure: 03.12.2003 – 07.12.2008
  • Key Contributions: Shri Nrip Singh Nawalyal focused on modernizing the revenue collection processes and introduced new technologies to enhance efficiency.

3. Shri Subhash Kumar

  • Tenure: 08.12.2008 – 12.09.2010
  • Key Contributions: Under Shri Subhash Kumar’s leadership, the department saw a significant improvement in the management of land records and dispute resolution.

4. Shri P.C. Sharma

  • Tenure: 13.09.2010 – 30.04.2012
  • Key Contributions: Shri P.C. Sharma’s tenure was marked by efforts to increase transparency and reduce corruption within the department.

Hon. Chairman, Revenue Council Tenure

The Revenue Council in Uttarakhand plays a vital role in overseeing the revenue administration. Here is a list of notable Chairmen who have served:

1. Shri Subhash Kumar IAS

  • Tenure: 01.05.2012 – 13.08.2013
  • Key Contributions: Shri Subhash Kumar’s second tenure was focused on policy reforms and enhancing inter-departmental coordination.

2. Shri S.K. Patru IAS

  • Tenure: 13.08.2013 – 31.01.2014
  • Key Contributions: Shri S.K. Patru emphasized the importance of data accuracy and integrity in revenue records.

3. Shri Subhash Kumar IAS

  • Tenure: 01.02.2014 – 21.10.2014
  • Key Contributions: Continuing his impactful work, Shri Subhash Kumar furthered his initiatives from his previous term, particularly in dispute resolution.

4. Shri Rakesh Sharma IAS

  • Tenure: 27.11.2014 – 30.10.2015
  • Key Contributions: Shri Rakesh Sharma implemented several e-governance initiatives to streamline revenue services.

5. Shri Rakesh Sharma IAS

  • Tenure: 15.01.2016 – 13.04.2016
  • Key Contributions: His second term was focused on reinforcing the policies and digital tools introduced during his first tenure.

6. Shri S. Ramaswamy IAS

  • Tenure: 03.04.2016 – 30.04.2020
  • Key Contributions: Shri S. Ramaswamy’s long tenure was marked by comprehensive reforms in land management and revenue collection practices.

7. Shri Om Prakash IAS

  • Tenure: 01.05.2020 – 31.05.2022
  • Key Contributions: Shri Om Prakash worked on enhancing the efficiency of the revenue department through robust training programs for staff.

8. Smt. Radha Raturi IAS

  • Tenure: 02.06.2022 – 18.05.2023
  • Key Contributions: Smt. Radha Raturi focused on gender inclusivity and the empowerment of women within the department.

9. Smt. Manisha Panwar IAS

  • Tenure: 18.05.2023 – 30.11.2023
  • Key Contributions: Smt. Manisha Panwar introduced innovative approaches to tackle rural revenue issues and improve service delivery.

10. Shri Anand Bardhan IAS

  • Tenure: 21.12.2023 – Present
  • Key Contributions: Shri Anand Bardhan is currently working on integrating advanced technologies such as AI and blockchain to further streamline the department’s functions.

Uttarakhand Revenue Department Chairman List in Hindi:

S.No.NameTenure Start DateTenure End Date
मुख्य राजस्व आयुक्त कार्यकाल
1.श्री एस. के. दास31.08.200102.12.2003
2.श्री नृप सिंह नवल्याल03.12.200307.12.2008
3.श्री सुभाष कुमार08.12.200812.09.2010
4.श्री पी. सी. शर्मा13.09.201030.04.2012
मा. अध्यक्ष राजस्व परिषद कार्यकाल
1.श्री सुभाष कुमार आईएएस01.05.201213.08.2013
2.श्री एस. के. पत्रु आईएएस13.08.201331.01.2014
3.श्री सुभाष कुमार आईएएस01.02.201421.10.2014
4.श्री राकेश शर्मा आईएएस27.11.201430.10.2015
5.श्री राकेश शर्मा आईएएस15.01.201613.04.2016
6.श्री एस. रामस्वामी आईएएस03.04.201630.04.2020
7.श्री ओम प्रकाश आईएएस01.05.202031.05.2022
8.श्रीमती राधा रतुड़ी आईएएस02.06.202218.05.2023
9.श्रीमती मनीषा पंवार आईएएस18.05.202330.11.2023
10.श्री आनन्द बर्द्धन आईएएस21.12.2023वर्तमान


The Uttarakhand Revenue Department has been led by a series of distinguished Chairmen, each contributing uniquely to the state’s revenue administration. From the foundational work of Shri S.K. Das to the ongoing innovative efforts of Shri Anand Bardhan, these leaders have continuously strived to enhance the efficiency, transparency, and effectiveness of the department. Their combined efforts have significantly shaped the revenue landscape of Uttarakhand, ensuring better service delivery and management.

For those interested in the administrative history of Uttarakhand or looking for specific details on the leadership and tenure of its Revenue Department Chairmen, this comprehensive guide provides all the essential information.

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