Ethereal Antonyms: Antonyms of Ethereal in English with Meaning

Ethereal Antonyms

Some antonyms for “ethereal” include:

  • Earthly
  • Mundane
  • Material
  • Heavy
  • Solid
  • Coarse
  • Concrete
  • Substantial
  • Tangible
  • Opaque
  • Gross

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Antonyms of Ethereal with Meaning (in English)

There are several antonyms for “ethereal,” depending on the specific meaning of the word that you are looking to contrast. Here are a few options:

EarthlyHeavenly, celestial; light, delicate, and airy.
MaterialSpiritual, otherworldly; not composed of physical matter.
ConcreteIntangible, insubstantial; lacking substance or solidity.
HeavyLight, weightless; having great weight or density.
MundaneOtherworldly, exotic; lacking interest or excitement.
SolidLight, delicate; seeming to belong to another world.
CoarseDelicate, refined; lacking in refinement or sensitivity.
SubstantialIntangible, insubstantial; having real physical existence or value.
OpaqueTransparent, clear; not allowing light to pass through.
GrossDelicate, refined; lacking in refinement or sensitivity.