Exam Cancelled – Puducherry and Tamil Nadu have canceled the 10th class exams, students will be promoted to the next class without exams.

Exam Cancelled
Amidst the ongoing unlock in the country, the process of postponement of examinations has begun. Two states have made major announcements regarding the postponement of the examination due to the lockdown caused by Corona.
Today, Puducherry and Tamil Nadu have decided to cancel their exams in their respective states. Due to the current situation, the 10th exam will no longer be held in Tamil Nadu and Union Territory of Puducherry.

Students will be promoted on the basis of quarterly – half yearly examination marks:

CM K. Palaniswami (Tamil Nadu) has announced that it has now been decided to cancel the remaining examinations of 10th and 11th grade students in the state of Tamil Nadu.
Now all the students will be promoted to the next class based on the marks obtained in the quarterly and half-yearly exams.
Also, their attendance will also be seen to promote the children to the next class. There may also be a big announcement about the 12th exam in the coming few days.

Students will be promoted without taking the exam:

Like Tamil Nadu, the Chief Minister of the Union Territory of Puducherry also said that the remaining Class 10 exams have been canceled in the state.
Class 10 examination will not be conducted again. All students will be promoted to the next class without examination.

The other board has also canceled the examination:

CBSE had announced not to conduct examinations for students of class 10th all over the country except North East Delhi. Then the governments of Madhya Pradesh and Telangana also canceled the remaining examinations of the State Board 10th. Now students will be promoted to the next class without taking the exam.

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