Exam Time? How to prepare yourself, How to make your exam preparation easy? Exam Tips

As the exam day draws closer, it is natural to be stressed. But by taking care of some things, you can not only prepare for the exam better but also remove stress.
How to prepare for the exam - Study Tips
Whatever the exam is, apart from revision and problem solving, it is important to take care of many other things. Therefore, we are telling you such tips, which if taken care of, will not cut a single number.
“Examination” …. Hearing this word causes sensation in many students. Now the exam season is going on and there are many concerns among the students regarding the preparation for the exam. So I thought that I should share some tips about exam preparation which I have adopted in my life.
I found that it happens many times that we prepare our exams very well, but we are not able to do so well in the exams and make many mistakes, which makes us very sad and we lose confidence. . Let me tell you that there is a lot of difference between the art of studying and the art of taking exams.
A student should focus on both aspects equally, if he wants to do his best in the exam then if he follows some easy methods given below, then it is my 100% claim that at least your score Will improve by 10%. What is the time to start then? Exam tips

How to prepare for the exam – Study Tips

I believe that our examinations are only 20-30 days in a year, if we walk for 1 year (365 days), then obviously it is quite possible that during the rest of the days we will be very free and stress free. Huh.
If we think the same way, if there are 300+ days of examinations throughout the year, then we will not have any fear of Exams, because if we do any work continuously in our natural practice or dinners, then we fear it more. do not think so. And this is also applicable in Exams.
Other reasons are also responsible such as lack of our practice, lack of a good plan.

Measures for success in competitive exams – Exam Preparation Tips :

1. Give Regular Self Test: Start a new practice, giving self-test every day. Whatever you read throughout the day, write it in your copy in short points. And try to write some prescribed questions without looking at them. Take the help of your friend or your teachers to test all these tests. And if this is not possible, then you can also check your answer sheet yourself. After a few weeks you will start getting results. I believe that by doing Self Introspection, we will be aware of our mistakes so that we do not repeat those mistakes in future.
2. Do not depend on the pre-exam study: It is a very small habit that we should pay attention to our subjects from the very beginning of the study and not just before the exam. If a student adopts this small habit in his life, then he will not have any tension in the examination and he can write the exam in those days by being very relaxed and calm.
3. Calm brain: Research has found that a quiet brain can work 4 times better than a restless brain. And if our brain is calm, then our mistakes will be reduced and we can write the exam very well.
4. The last few days of the exam are only suitable for Revision: It is generally found that 90% of the students start their studies a few days before the exam. By doing this, they have to read a lot of courses in a very short time. For this reason Revision should be done only in the last month of the exam. So that we will get a good grip in our subjects and as a result our mind will also be calm during exam days.

Strategic Plan for Exam Preparation :  Study Tips

To deal with any odd situation, always keep a Subsidiary Plan ready with you so that you do not have to take much Tension at the time of examination. Like what will you do
  1. If Some Questions Are Outside Your Course.
  2. If you don’t know the answers to some questions.
  3. If the paper is hard.
  4. If you spend too much time in a question.
  5. If you hurry Calculation mistake then.
  6. If your health worsens a little before the exam.
  7. If you do not like the exam environment.
  8. If you do not remember a few points of a well-prepared question, then.
  9. If you doubt any question.
  10. If you can’t decide which question to start first.
  11. How much time to spend in which section.
  12. And so many questions.
If you are already aware of all these circumstances, then you can compete with patience on all these occasions. Second thing is that if you are Mentally Prepared then you can face all the problems easily.

How to get better results in your exam presentation : Study Tips for Exam

  1. Understand all the topics of your book well at the time of reading and if you do not understand then clear your doubts at the same time.
  2. Practice your subjects continuously.
  3. Give practice test every day, every 7 days, 15 days, 30 days.
  4. At least 2 full exams should be given at the end of the course.
  5. Whenever you see any important information, do not forget to underline it and write it in your note book.
  6. Don’t forget to update your Note Book from time to time, by doing this you will be able to revision in the end.

Know some important and easy tips for the exam.

1. Correct time table : The best way to study is to create a time table, and decide in advance when, what and how much you have to study. If desired, take a break of 10 to 15 minutes every half or an hour. With this, when you sit to study again, you will be able to study better. Try not to read too much at once. First study the difficult subjects and then read the easy things. Gradually increase the hours of study but take necessary breaks in between. If you study according to the time table, then you will be able to pay equal attention to all subjects.
2.  Take care of syllabus : Do not read the same topic. Now, read the preparation of a timetable according to the number of days left and your syllabus.
3.  Adequate sleep : Often the children do not get enough sleep due to the pressure of examination and studies, they study till late at night, they wake up early for studies even in the morning due to which there is not enough sleep. Due to which the brain is sluggish and its functionality is reduced. The mind will function properly only when it gets enough rest.
4. Make notes : Make notes of all the important points. These are very useful in last time revision.
5.  Entertainment : The mind can become cumbersome just by studying. Entertainment is also important to refresh him. If you want to do something funny at home, or for some time, refresh the mood by playing with friends or doing other tasks.
6. Do not get under any stress : It is possible that at this time parents or teachers will pressurise you to read continuously or get a good number. You just give your full effort, don’t worry about the result.
7. Physical Exercise : Whether it is morning walk, yoga or some exercise at home. It is also very important to keep the body fit for mental health. This gives oxygen to the brain in the right amount, improves blood circulation and works faster.
8. Solve model paper : Solving model paper can help you a lot. This will help you to solve the paper in due time.
9. Eating : Most children do not pay attention to food and drink during their studies, but at this time they need more nutrition. Children should take green vegetables, dry fruits, juices, milk etc. and eat more at once instead of overeating. Stay away from excess chili-spices, fried things and fast food.
10. Start with a difficult subject : Whenever you start studying, start with a difficult subject. When the mind is fresh, you also remember what you read.

What did you learn today ?

I hope that you have got a lot of information about exam preparation tips.
It is always my endeavor that I always help my readers. If you people have any kind of doubt about Study Tips, then you can feel free to ask me. I will definitely try to solve those Doubt and do not forget to write your comment.
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