Except Meaning & Definition with Example

Meaning & Definition of “Except”:

Except Meaning:

Except” is a conjunction used to introduce an exclusion or exclusionary clause. It is employed to indicate that something is not included in what has just been stated or described.

Except Definition:

Except” is a word used to show exclusion or exception. It is often used to introduce a phrase that exempts certain items, people, or conditions from what was mentioned in the preceding statement.

Except Example:

  1. General Statement: “Everyone attended the meeting except John.” – In this case, “except” is used to exclude John from the group of people who attended the meeting.
  2. Time Exception: “The store is open every day except Sundays.” – Here, “except” introduces an exception to the general rule that the store is open every day by excluding Sundays.
  3. Condition Exclusion: “You can have anything you want, except for dessert before dinner.” – In this example, “except” sets a condition by excluding the possibility of having dessert before dinner.

In each example, “except” is used to introduce a condition, situation, or person that is excluded or exempted from what was mentioned in the preceding statement.

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