Herewith Meaning & Definition with Example

Meaning & Definition of “Herewith”:

Herewith Meaning:

Herewith” is an adverb that is used to introduce or accompany something, typically a document or a piece of information. It signifies that the item being mentioned is attached or enclosed with the communication.

Herewith Definition:

Herewith” means “with this” or “along with this.” It is used to indicate that something is being sent, provided, or included at the same time as the current communication.

Herewith Example:

  1. Letter: “I am pleased to submit my resume herewith for your consideration.”
  2. Email: “Please find the report herewith attached to this email.”
  3. Legal Document: “The contract terms are outlined in the document herewith enclosed.”

In these examples, “herewith” is used to convey that something is included or provided in conjunction with the message, whether it’s a resume, a report, or a legal document.

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