How Beautiful in italian : Know How to Say ‘How Beautiful in italian language’ ?

How Beautiful in italian :

To say “how beautiful” in Italian, you can use the phrase “che bello” (masculine) or “che bella” (feminine). These phrases can be used to express admiration or appreciation for something or someone that is aesthetically pleasing or attractive.

For example:

  • Guarda che bella foto! (Look at how beautiful this photo is!)
  • Che bello giorno oggi! (What a beautiful day today!)
  • Che bella casa hai! (What a beautiful house you have!)
  • Che bello regalo! (What a beautiful gift!)

If you want to emphasize the degree of beauty or attractiveness, you can use the superlative form of the adjective “bello” or “bella,” which is “bellissimo” (masculine) or “bellissima” (feminine). For example:

  • Che bellissimo paesaggio! (What a beautiful landscape!)
  • Che bellissima ragazza! (What a beautiful girl!)
  • Che bellissimo gioiello! (What a beautiful piece of jewelry!)

You can also use the adjective “splendido” (masculine) or “splendida” (feminine) to describe something or someone that is particularly impressive or breathtaking in terms of beauty or attractiveness. For example:

  • Che splendido tramonto! (What a beautiful sunset!)
  • Che splendida sposa! (What a beautiful bride!)
  • Che splendido paesaggio marino! (What a beautiful marine landscape!)

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