How to Convert kilograms to pounds

One of the most common everyday measurements is mass determination. Humans are interested in their own weight, as well as in those of the products they purchase and more. However, various units may be utilized for this purpose. If you have ever been to English-speaking countries, you have probably encountered pounds that are very popular there. What is their relation to such s standard option as a kilogram? Find out how to transform kg to lbs in one step or a few clicks.

How do we evaluate mass?

The kilogram has a truly fascinating story. It was the last standard unit based on a real object. The official definition of it was given at the very beginning of the 20th century and stated that a kilogram must be equal to the mass of its international prototype.

The latter was a special cylinder created of the mixture of platinum and iridium in the 9:1 ratio. It was stored in Paris and copies were made for all other countries and regions that would like also to utilize it.

However, any physical object can lose some atoms or absorb them from the surrounding air. This means, that during the century, the mass of that standard has changed a bit. Even if talking about micrograms and the number itself is quite tiny, it still makes a difference. Moreover, no other prototypes of the kilogram that were created since that time can be perfect. Thus, the scales that were calibrated using them are also not accurate.

Of course, such minor deviations are not very important for our usual lives but it is a huge problem for scientific calculations.

Therefore, a modern kilogram was established through Planck’s constant and now it is determined in relation to the amount of electromagnetic energy required to balance an object. Instead of a solid reference object physics utilize electric current and voltage.

As for the pounds, they are widely used in English-speaking countries and not only for mass but also for force determination. This unit is also special because it was popular in medieval Europe but each country developed its own value and this led to confusion and misunderstanding. There were more than 100 different pounds! The international agreement on this purpose appeared only in the middle of the 20th century.

An easy transformation of kilograms to pounds

If you have a need to transform kilos to pounds, you should keep in mind that one pound corresponds to 0.45359237 kg. This number can be taken as approximately 0.45 kg depending on the accuracy that you need.

In its turn, 1 kg is equal to 2.20462 or nearly 2.205 pounds. This value we get if we divide 1 by 0.45359237. Therefore, 100 kg to lbs will be calculated as follows:

100 x 2.205 = 220.5

That is an example of kg to lb transformation and one should repeat it several times to remember these values.

However, if such a situation happens that you forget them or need a quick conversion of some big and complex numbers, there is a helpful online tool ready to solve such a task. It can be found on where it is freely available for everyone without a need for registration or providing personal data. The modern online calculator makes any conversion in a fraction of a second and always correctly.