italian Word for Beautiful

italian word for beautiful :

In Italian, the word for “beautiful” is “bello” (masculine) or “bella” (feminine). These words can be used to describe something or someone that is aesthetically pleasing or attractive.

For example:

  • Quella spiaggia è bellissima. (That beach is beautiful.)
  • La tua casa è davvero bella. (Your house is really beautiful.)
  • Lui è molto bello. (He is very handsome.)
  • Lei è bellissima. (She is very beautiful.)

It is also possible to use the adjective “splendido” (masculine) or “splendida” (feminine) to describe something or someone that is beautiful or impressive in a particularly striking or breathtaking way. For example:

  • Quello è un quadro splendido. (That is a beautiful painting.)
  • La sua voce è splendida. (Her voice is beautiful.)
  • La vista da questa collina è splendida. (The view from this hill is breathtaking.)