Jalgaon District Taluka List : How Many Taluka in Jalgaon District, Maharashtra (MH)

Jalgaon District Taluka List : Many people residing in Jalgaon district of Maharashtra search ‘Jalgaon district Taluka name‘ and want to know ‘how many Talukas are there in Jalgaon district‘.

For your information, we have given complete information about the Jalgaon Taluka List in this article. So that you can get all the information related to the Taluka in Jalgaon?

How Many Taluka in Jalgaon District, Maharashtra? There are 15 Talukas in Jalgaon District. All Talukas (Tehsil) names are given below.

Jalgaon District Taluka List

  1. Jalgaon Taluka
  2. Pachora Taluka
  3. Amalner Taluka
  4. Yawal Taluka
  5. Erandol Taluka
  6. Bhusawal Taluka
  7. Chalisgaon Taluka
  8. Jamner Taluka
  9. Bhadgaon Taluka
  10. Chopda Taluka
  11. Raver Taluka
  12. Dharangaon Taluka
  13. Parola Taluka
  14. Muktainagar Taluka
  15. Bodwad Taluka

Jalgaon Taluka / Tehsil List (in English)

  1. Jalgaon Tehsil
  2. Pachora Tehsil
  3. Amalner Tehsil
  4. Yawal Tehsil
  5. Erandol Tehsil
  6. Bhusawal Tehsil
  7. Chalisgaon Tehsil
  8. Jamner Tehsil
  9. Bhadgaon Tehsil
  10. Chopda Tehsil
  11. Raver Tehsil
  12. Dharangaon Tehsil
  13. Parola Tehsil
  14. Muktainagar Tehsil
  15. Bodwad Tehsil

List of Taluka in Jalgaon District, Maharashtra (MH)

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