Lucky Jet Game and its Notable Features

Considering the variety of fast casino games with instant income today, not every game achieves such popularity as Lucky Jet. Certain subtleties and features make it unique. The Lucky Jet bet game in India has become a real hit with most bookmakers. And every day the number of Lucky Jet players is becoming larger and larger. If you’ve heard of or played Aviator, you might think that the games are similar. But no. The game mechanics are slightly different from the standard Aviator. If you are tired of Aviator, you can safely try the new generation game Lucky Jet and you definitely won’t regret it. We collected data about the game, its features, game rules and something else.The game has its own distinctive characteristics, which are presented in the table below:

Maximum winningsx1000
Starting multiplierx1
Demo versionYes
Additional featuresAutoBet, Auto Withdrawal

Brief description of Lucky Jet game

Lucky Jet is a slot machine from Spribe in India, which launched on February 01, 2019 with the option to play for free and earn lots of rupees. Looking at the rating, it is the Indian players who love this game for its speed and excitement. Experience the Lucky Jet slot in demo mode, learn about its features and read the review of the game before playing for real money.

Interface and graphics Lucky Jet

Slot machine Lucky Jet features a clear and sharp animation. Slot machines designed in the dark blue tones will not bother the eyes after a game for several hours. The first illustration is started after the start of the round. The character of Joey flies into space, the background picture changes and the coefficients increase. In addition, the upper part of the slot displays the odds on the available funds, and the center of the screen – the actual odds on the current round and Joe himself, flying in the sky. At the bottom is the button bet and autobet syndicator.

Features slot machine Lucky Jet is characterized by its simplicity:

  • ‘and+’-the ability to set the bet amount per round;
  • ‘Volume and Sound’ – to remove or leave the special musical effects;
  • Bet’-to place the bet amount for the round;
  • Autobet’-fixes the parameters selected, and the bet is automatically placed.
  • The ‘Auto-Exit’ function – allows the user to specify the exit point from the round in the form of odds.

And finally, there are four points-view betting histories, learn more about the slot and remove/enable animations.

Why is Lucky Jet so popular in India?

Because of its simplicity and the real ability to predict a successful bet that will bring real winnings, this is the fundamental basis for the fact that the game is heard by a large number of players. It can be considered an excellent example of how simple games can be combined with the possibility of earning money and a convenient interface. This is a great slot machine that is different from the rest and will give you a great time and increase your chances of winning. The demo version is a great chance to start playing even for those who are afraid to risk losing real money. You can safely hone your skills and mastery and only then start playing for real money.

Benefits of Lucky Jet. Take your chance

No other game has ever garnered so many conversations and reviews for the game Lucky Jet. Everyone is talking about big wins. But even by making minimum bets, applying the right strategy and taking into account and controlling your bankroll, you can get constant winnings, even if not the biggest ones. The following factors are the main reasons for the popularity of Lucky Jet among other similar slots:

  • Lucky Jet is a new generation multiplayer game. Improved interface, nice graphics and clear mechanics;
  • The winning odds in Lucky Jet have been increased to 200 and are quite common;
  • The crash simulator allows you to control the game, you can withdraw your bet at any time;
  • The presence of statistical data plays into the hands of those for whom it is important to do analysis after each game in order to develop their strategy;
  • You can customize the functions to suit your wishes.

Additional features of Lucky Jet

We’ve probably already covered a lot of the benefits that are designed and implemented into the game. But that’s not all. If two functions: autoplay and auto withdrawal. Two options work well, when they are activated you can reduce the control over the game process, setting for yourself the optimal and comfortable parameters. To begin with, you can test them in the demo version to understand on what principle these options work.

Play Lucky Jet on online platforms

Play Lucky Jet is not distinguished by a special level of complexity and will be comprehensible even to novice players, enough to use the free demo version without registration. The skilled players will be capable of grasping all the details of the game at once. The game play process at Lucky Jacket is as follows:

  1. Find a reliable bookmaker and access the crash games section;
  2. Determine your personal gambling style and the sum of money you can play for;
  3. Set a handy bet in one or two betting windows;
  4. Proceed to the round;
  5. Press the bet button in the pause between rounds;
  6. Stand by to wait for the current round to complete;
  7. Clicking the “Take” button the moment your chosen strategy or intuition tells you to take your winnings;
  8. Start a new round.

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