Microsoft Owner: Who is the owner of Microsoft

Microsoft Owner: Microsoft is one of the biggest technology companies in the world, known for its software products like Windows, Office, and Xbox. The company was founded in 1975 by Bill Gates and Paul Allen, and has since then grown into a multi-billion dollar empire. In this article, We will explore the question, who owns Microsoft?

Who is the owner of Microsoft?

The owner of Microsoft is a man named Bill Gates, who co-founded the company with Paul Allen in 1975. Gates is one of the most famous and influential entrepreneurs in the world, known for his vision and leadership in the technology industry. Although Gates stepped down as CEO of Microsoft in 2000, he remains a major shareholder and has continued to play an active role in the company’s strategy and direction.

Current owner of Microsoft (March 2023)

The current owner of Microsoft is a large group of shareholders, as Microsoft is a publicly traded company. However, some of the largest shareholders include co-founder Bill Gates, who has gradually reduced his stake in the company over the years, and current CEO Satya Nadella, who also holds a significant amount of stock. As of March 2023, no single individual or entity holds a controlling stake in Microsoft.

Microsoft has a large number of institutional shareholders, including mutual funds, pension funds, and investment firms. Some of the largest instituti onal shareholders of Microsoft today are:

  1. The Vanguard Group, Inc. with 619,193,090 shares or approximately 8.23% of outstanding shares
  2. BlackRock, Inc. with 522,677,115 shares or approximately 6.96% of outstanding shares
  3. State Street Global Advisors, Inc. with 332,455,606 shares or approximately 4.43% of outstanding shares
  4. Fidelity Management & Research Company LLC with 232,486,790 shares or approximately 3.10% of outstanding shares
  5. Capital World Investors with 157,892,287 shares or approximately 2.10% of outstanding shares

These figures are subject to change, as institutional shareholders and other investors buy and sell shares of Microsoft over time.

Other Information about Microsoft Owner – Bill Gates

Bill Gates was born in Seattle, Washington, in 1955. He showed an early interest in technology and programming, and by the age of 13, he had already written his first software program. Gates went on to attend Harvard University, but dropped out in his second year to pursue his passion for technology and start Microsoft with Paul Allen.

Under Gates’ leadership, Microsoft became one of the most successful companies in history, with a market capitalization of over $2 trillion as of 2023. Microsoft’s products and services have revolutionized the technology industry, with Windows operating system, Microsoft Office, and Xbox gaming system being just a few examples of its successful products.

Who owns the most shares in Microsoft?

The largest shareholder in Microsoft is Vanguard Group Inc, with a stake of around 8.23% as of December 2022. Other major shareholders include BlackRock Inc, State Street Corp, and Fidelity Management & Research Co.

FAQs related to Microsoft’s Ownership

Who founded Microsoft?

Microsoft was founded in 1975 by Bill Gates and Paul Allen.

How much of Microsoft does Bill Gates own?

Bill Gates is no longer the majority owner of Microsoft. He stepped down as CEO in 2000 and has been gradually reducing his stake in the company ever since. As of September 2021, Gates owns less than 1% of Microsoft’s outstanding shares.

Is Microsoft a publicly traded company?

Yes, Microsoft is a publicly traded company. It is listed on the NASDAQ stock exchange under the ticker symbol “MSFT”.

What is the current market value of Microsoft?

As of September 2021, Microsoft has a market capitalization of over $2 trillion, making it one of the most valuable companies in the world.

Who is Satya Nadella?

Satya Nadella is the current CEO of Microsoft. He took over from Steve Ballmer in 2014 and has been credited with leading the company’s successful pivot to cloud computing and other new technologies.


Microsoft is a global technology giant that has been at the forefront of innovation for decades. While Bill Gates and Paul Allen were the founders of the company, ownership has changed hands over the years, with Satya Nadella currently serving as CEO. As one of the largest and most successful companies in the world, Microsoft is an important player in the technology industry, and its products and services are used by millions of people around the globe.

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