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New guidelines for school in Delhi, children will come to school 3 days a week, all children will be called in two shifts

    The NCERT has submitted a draft guideline to the government regarding the preparations for opening schools in Delhi. According to the draft, after school opens, not all children in a class will be called to school together.

    guidelines for school

    For this, the odd-Even formula will be applied on the basis of “roll number” or classes will be done in two shifts.

    There will be an interval of 10–10 minutes according to the classes in the time of the children reaching school.

    The draft also states that if taught in an open area rather than in the classroom, the distance between children will remain. It will be better for everyone.

    According to Draft – 6 stages of school opening :

    • Classes of 11th-12th will start in the first phase.
    • Classes of 9th-10th will start 1 week after the first phase.
    • Classes from 6th to 8th will start 2 weeks after the first phase.
    • Classes 3 to 5 will start after 3 weeks of the first phase.
    • 4 weeks after the first phase – first and second classes will begin
    • Nursery and KG classes can be started only with parental consent – after 5 weeks of the first phase.

    This rule is only for the green zone. It states that until the Containment Zone becomes a Green Zone, schools in the Containment Zone will remain closed.

    Guidelines for Schools : Corona Lockdown

    • Only 30 or 35 children can be accommodated in a class.
    • A distance of 6 feet will be required between students.
    • ACs will not run in the classroom.
    • Classroom doors and windows will be open.
    • Students are to be called on an aud-even basis. But, assignments for the house have to be given daily.
    • The child’s name will be written on every desk, so that the child can sit in one place every day.
    • The teacher will have to talk to the parents every 15 days about the child’s progress.
    • The school management will ensure that the rooms are cleaned daily.
    • There will be no prayers and meetings. Such as morning prayers and annual celebrations etc.
    • There will be no food stalls outside the school.
    • Screening will be mandatory before staff and students enter the school.
    • Children: Can not share anything like copy, pen, pencil, food.
    • It is necessary for every child to wear a mask.
    • Students will not be able to share anything like copy, pen, pencil, eraser etc.
    • Students will bring water from home for their drinking.
    • Children will not be able to share their food with anyone else.
    • Parents of students who will not follow these rules of school and do not cooperate in creating mutual distance will be informed about it. If necessary, his schooling can be stopped.

    If the parents are frontline fighters (eg, doctors, nurses, police etc.), the school administration will have to be informed.

    • Parents who are involved in medical, safety or cleaning work should inform the school in advance.
    • Teachers will be able to meet only those who cannot contact on phone.
    • There will not be a parent teacher meeting.
    • Parents can talk to the child’s progress report from school every 15 days.

    School Transport Rules:

    Only one child has to sit on one seat. Detailed guidelines related to transport will be issued soon.

    Guidelines for hostels:

    • A distance of 6 feet has to be kept between each bed.
    • Only 33% of the students will be able to stay in the hostel.
    • No student will be able to go to the market.