Patient Meaning & Definition with Example

Meaning of Patient with Definition and Example:

Patient Meaning:

The term “patient” refers to an individual who is under medical care, treatment, or observation due to illness, injury, or any health-related condition.

A patient seeks the expertise of healthcare professionals, such as doctors, nurses, or other medical practitioners, to diagnose, treat, and manage their health concerns.

Patient Definition:

A patient is a person who is receiving medical attention or care from healthcare providers. This care may include diagnosis, treatment, preventive measures, and rehabilitation.

Patients can be individuals of any age, gender, or background who require medical intervention for various physical or mental health conditions.

Patient Example:

John visited the doctor because he was experiencing persistent headaches. After a thorough examination and some diagnostic tests, the doctor diagnosed him with migraines.

John is now a patient undergoing treatment to manage his migraines, which includes medication and lifestyle modifications.

During this period, he is regularly seeing the doctor for follow-up appointments to monitor his progress and make any necessary adjustments to his treatment plan.

In this case, John is the patient, and the doctor is providing medical care to address his health condition.

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