Real Name of Indrajit

Real Name of Indrajit: In the Hindu epic Ramayana, Indrajit is another name for Meghnath, the son of the demon king Ravana. Meghnath is his real name, while Indrajit is one of his epithets.

According to the Ramayana, Meghnath was a powerful warrior, skilled in the use of various weapons and magic. He was also known for his devotion to his father, Ravana, and his unwavering loyalty to him, even when he knew that Ravana’s actions were wrong.

Meghnath played a significant role in the battle between Rama and Ravana, and he was considered one of the most formidable opponents that Rama faced. However, he was ultimately defeated by Lakshmana, Rama’s younger brother, who used the Brahmastra, a powerful celestial weapon, to strike him down.

Overall, Meghnath or Indrajit is an important character in the Ramayana, known for his bravery and loyalty to his family, as well as his military prowess.

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