Saja Meaning, Examples, Synonyms, Antonyms, History, Facts

Saja Meaning with Examples, Pronunciations, Sentences, Synonyms, Antonyms, History & Origin, Facts

Saja Meaning

Saja is a Korean name that means “kindness,” “mercy,” or “grace.” It can be used as both a given name for a person and a surname. Here are a few examples of how “Saja” can be used in sentences:

  • Saja è il mio nome. (Saja is my name.)
  • Saja è una persona molto gentile. (Saja is a very kind person.)
  • La famiglia Saja è molto rispettata nella nostra comunità. (The Saja family is very respected in our community.)


  • Saja is pronounced “SAH-jah” in Korean.


  • Some synonyms for “Saja” in Korean include “milgyo” (kindness), “milgye” (mercy), and “milje” (grace).


  • Some antonyms for “Saja” in Korean include “geunom” (cruelty), “doksa” (hatred), and “jikjeom” (malice).

History and origin:

  • The name “Saja” is of Korean origin and has been used in Korea for many centuries.


  • Saja is a relatively common name in Korea, although it is more often used as a surname than a given name.
  • The Korean name “Saja” is written with the hanja characters 史 (shì) and 子 (zǐ), which together mean “history” and “child.”
  • Some famous people with the name “Saja” include South Korean actress Kim Saja and South Korean singer Lee Saja.