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Nagpur is Famous for Which Fruit


Nagpur Famous Fruit: Nagpur, a vibrant city in Maharashtra, India, is most renowned for its juicy, sweet oranges, rightfully earning it the nickname “Orange City.” These oranges aren’t just any oranges, though; they’re a distinct variety known as Nagpur oranges, and they’re celebrated for their unique flavor and characteristics. Nagpur is Famous for Which Fruit? […]

Ajmer MLA List (Dec 2023 Updated)

MLA (Member of Legislative Assembly)

Ajmer MLA List: Here is the list of MLAs for Ajmer district as of December 30, 2023: Constituency MLA Name Party Ajmer North Vasudev Devnani BJP Ajmer South (SC) Anita Bhadel BJP Beawar Shankar Singh Rawat BJP Kekri Shatrughan Gautam Independent Ajmer MLA List The Ajmer MLAs are: Vasudev Devnani (147): Ajmer North (BJP) Anita

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