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Seize Meaning | Meaning of Seize in English

The verb “seize” means to take control or possession of something by force or to grasp or hold onto something firmly. It can also mean to experience a seizure, as described above.

Examples of seize:

  • The police seized the illegal drugs from the traffickers.
  • She seized the opportunity to go to college and get an education.
  • He seized the rope and climbed up the cliff.

Pronunciation of Seize



  • The robbers seized the bank’s money and fled the scene.
  • The firefighter seized the child and carried her to safety.

Seize Synonyms

  • take
  • grab
  • capture

Seize Antonyms

  • release
  • let go
  • relinquish

Seize Word History & Origin

The word “seize” comes from the Old French word “seisir,” which means “to take possession of.” It has been in use since the 14th century.

Facts About Seize

  • The term “seized” is often used in legal contexts to describe the confiscation of property by the government or other authorities.
  • The phrase “seize the day” (or “carpe diem” in Latin) means to make the most of the present moment and not waste time.

What is Seize : Definition & Meaning of Seize

To take control or possession of something by force, to grasp or hold onto something firmly, or to experience a seizure.

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