Statue of Lord Shiva family, Ramvan, Satna: Panoramic View of Lord Shiva Family in Ramvan

The Statue of Lord Shiva family is located in Ramvan, Satna district, Madhya Pradesh, India. This statue is of great significance to the Hindu community and serves as a symbol of their rich cultural heritage.

The statue depicts Lord Shiva and his family, including his consort Parvati, son Ganesh, son Karthikeya and Nandi, the sacred bull. Lord Shiva is depicted as seated on Kailash, offering a serene and peaceful visage.

Statue of Lord Shiva family

In front of the complex, there is a statue of Hanuman, the Hindu deity who is known for his strength and devotion. This statue offers a panoramic view of the Lord Shiva family, providing a unique and breathtaking experience for all those who visit.

There is a gallery that surrounds the statue complex, showcasing various other deities and Hindu gods, offering a comprehensive introduction to the rich cultural heritage of Hinduism.

The Statue of Lord Shiva family serves as a reminder of the importance of faith and human relationships, and is a must-visit for those seeking to learn about Hindu culture and history. Whether you are a devout Hindu or simply curious about the religion, this statue complex is truly a worthwhile experience.

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