Top 10 Best Free Email Clients For Your Desktop PC in 2024

Top 10 Best Free Email Clients for Your Desktop PC: In today’s digital age, managing your emails efficiently is crucial. Whether you’re a professional or a casual user, having the right email client can significantly enhance your productivity. Here, we explore the top 10 best free email clients for your desktop PC, considering their features, usability, and user reviews.

Top 10 Best Free Email Clients For Your Desktop PC

RankEmail Client NamePriceTotal UsersCompany Name
1Mozilla ThunderbirdFreeOver 25 millionMozilla Foundation
2Microsoft OutlookFree with Microsoft 365 (Personal version is free)Over 400 millionMicrosoft
3eM ClientFree (Pro version available)1.5 millioneM Client Inc.
4MailbirdFree (Pro version available)Over 2 millionMailbird
5MailspringFree (Pro version available)500,000Foundry 376
6Zoho MailFree (Premium version available)Over 15 millionZoho Corporation
7Claws MailFreeN/A (Niche user base)The Claws Mail Team
8Opera MailFreeN/AOpera Software
9SeaMonkeyFreeN/ASeaMonkey Council
10Pegasus MailFreeN/ADavid Harris

1. Mozilla Thunderbird

  • Price: Free
  • Company: Mozilla Foundation
  • Official Website:
  • Total Users: Over 25 million

Mozilla Thunderbird is a powerful, customizable email client. It supports multiple email accounts, integrates with various extensions, and has robust spam filtering capabilities. Users appreciate its open-source nature and frequent updates, maintaining high reliability and security.

2. Microsoft Outlook

  • Price: Free with Microsoft 365 (Personal version is free)
  • Company: Microsoft
  • Official Website:
  • Total Users: Over 400 million

Microsoft Outlook is a household name known for its seamless integration with Microsoft Office Suite. It offers a comprehensive calendar, task manager, contact manager, and note-taking features. Users love its professional interface and powerful organizational tools.

3. eM Client

  • Price: Free (Pro version available)
  • Company: eM Client Inc.
  • Official Website:
  • Total Users: 1.5 million

eM Client is praised for its modern design and user-friendly interface. It supports all major email services, offers a built-in chat, calendar, tasks, and contacts. Users highlight its excellent customer support and smooth performance.

4. Mailbird

  • Price: Free (Pro version available)
  • Company: Mailbird
  • Official Website:
  • Total Users: Over 2 million

Mailbird stands out with its sleek design and user-friendly features. It supports integration with numerous apps like WhatsApp, Slack, and Google Calendar. Users appreciate its speed and the intuitive drag-and-drop interface.

5. Mailspring

  • Price: Free (Pro version available)
  • Company: Foundry 376
  • Official Website:
  • Total Users: 500,000

Mailspring is known for its advanced features such as read receipts, link tracking, and powerful search capabilities. It’s open-source and supports multiple languages. Users value its clean interface and customizable themes.

6. Zoho Mail

  • Price: Free (Premium version available)
  • Company: Zoho Corporation
  • Official Website:
  • Total Users: Over 15 million

Zoho Mail is a robust email client offering extensive features such as a calendar, tasks, notes, and contacts. It’s known for its ad-free experience and secure email hosting. Users commend its reliability and professional-grade features.

7. Claws Mail

  • Price: Free
  • Company: The Claws Mail Team
  • Official Website:
  • Total Users: N/A (Niche user base)

Claws Mail is a lightweight and fast email client known for its simplicity and configurability. It’s open-source and supports plugins for additional functionality. Users who prefer a minimalistic approach find it very efficient.

8. Opera Mail

  • Price: Free
  • Company: Opera Software
  • Official Website:
  • Total Users: N/A

Opera Mail, integrated within the Opera browser, is appreciated for its simplicity and ease of use. It offers basic email functions and a straightforward interface, making it suitable for users seeking a no-frills email client.

9. SeaMonkey

  • Price: Free
  • Company: SeaMonkey Council
  • Official Website:
  • Total Users: N/A

SeaMonkey is an all-in-one internet application suite that includes an email client. It features a built-in browser, HTML editor, and IRC chat. Users enjoy its comprehensive suite of tools and customizable interface.

10. Pegasus Mail

  • Price: Free
  • Company: David Harris
  • Official Website:
  • Total Users: N/A

Pegasus Mail is a venerable email client with a rich history. It’s renowned for its powerful filtering capabilities and robust security features. Users appreciate its stability and comprehensive set of tools for managing emails.


Choosing the right email client can greatly enhance your email management efficiency. Each of these clients offers unique features and strengths, catering to different user preferences. Whether you prioritize security, customization, or ease of use, there’s a free email client on this list that will meet your needs.

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