The Deer and the Lion – Panchatantra Story With Moral (in English)

Introduction of ‘The Deer and the Lion’ Panchatantra Story | Summary

In “The Deer and the Lion” from the Panchatantra, a deer and a lion are travelling through the forest together when they come across a hunter. The deer, who is fast and agile, quickly runs away and escapes, while the lion, who is slower and not as agile, is caught by the hunter. The deer, feeling guilty for leaving the lion behind, decides to go back and try to rescue him. She tells the hunter that she will give him all of her wealth if he will let the lion go. The hunter agrees, and the deer and the lion are able to escape together. The moral of the story is that it is important to help those in need and to not be afraid to take risks to do so.

The Deer and the Lion – Panchatantra Story

Once upon a time, in a dense jungle, there lived a deer and a lion. The deer was a timid and gentle animal, while the lion was the fierce and powerful ruler of the jungle.

One day, while the deer was out grazing in the jungle, he stumbled upon a lion that had been caught in a hunter’s trap. The deer, feeling sorry for the lion, decided to help him escape.

The deer used all of his strength to break the trap and set the lion free. The lion, who was grateful for the deer’s help, thanked him and offered to be his friend.

The deer, who was hesitant at first, eventually agreed to the lion’s offer. From then on, the deer and the lion became good friends, with the lion protecting and helping the deer whenever he needed it.

As time passed, the deer grew stronger and more confident, thanks to the lion’s friendship and guidance. The lion, on the other hand, learned the value of kindness and compassion, and began to see the deer as a worthy friend and equal.

Moral of the story

The moral of the story “The Deer and the Lion” is that friendship and compassion can bring out the best in others and help them to grow and thrive. The story teaches us that it is important to be kind and supportive of others, even if they are different from us or come from a different social group. It also teaches us that friendship and mutual respect are more important than power or status, and that we should strive to see and treat others as equals.

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