The Elephant and the Sparrow – Panchatantra Story With Moral (in English)

Introduction of ‘The Elephant and the Sparrow’ Panchatantra Story | Summary

In “The Elephant and the Sparrow” from the Panchatantra, an elephant and a sparrow are travelling together through the forest when they come across a well. The sparrow, who is small and can easily fly across the well, suggests that they use a rope to help the elephant cross. The elephant, who is large and heavy, is skeptical and says that the sparrow’s plan will not work. However, the sparrow is determined and ties a rope around the elephant’s waist. As the elephant crosses the well, the rope breaks and the elephant falls into the well. The sparrow, who had flown across, calls out to the elephant and tells him to use his trunk to climb out of the well. The elephant, using his trunk as a rope, is able to climb out of the well and is grateful to the sparrow for his help. The moral of the story is that it is important to listen to others and to consider their ideas, even if they seem unlikely to succeed.

The Elephant and the Sparrow – Panchatantra Story

Once upon a time, in a dense jungle, there lived an elephant and a sparrow. The elephant was the largest and strongest animal in the jungle, while the sparrow was small and seemingly weak in comparison.

One day, while the elephant was out foraging for food, he came across a tree with ripe, juicy mangoes hanging from its branches. The elephant, who loved mangoes, reached out to pluck one of the mangoes with his trunk. However, he was unable to reach it, as the mangoes were hanging too high.

At that moment, the sparrow flew by and saw the elephant struggling to reach the mangoes. The sparrow, feeling sympathetic towards the elephant, offered to help.

The sparrow flew up to the mango tree and started plucking the mangoes one by one, using her sharp beak. The elephant, who was amazed by the sparrow’s strength and determination, thanked her and offered to share the mangoes with her.

The sparrow, who was happy to have helped the elephant, gratefully accepted the offer and enjoyed the mangoes alongside the elephant. From then on, the elephant and the sparrow became good friends, valuing and respecting each other’s strengths and abilities.

Moral of the story

The moral of the story “The Elephant and the Sparrow” is that strength and ability come in many forms, and it is important to value and respect the strengths of others. The story teaches us that we should not underestimate or belittle others based on their size or appearance, and that we should be willing to help and support those in need. It also teaches us the value of friendship and mutual respect, and the importance of working together and supporting each other.

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