The Merchant and the Barbers – Panchatantra Story With Moral (in English)

Introduction of ‘The Merchant and the Barbers’ Panchatantra Story | Summary

The Merchant and the Barbers is a story from the ancient Indian collection of stories and fables known as the Panchatantra. In this story, a merchant becomes friends with a group of barbers and invites them to his home for a feast. The barbers, who are poor and hungry, are delighted by the invitation and eagerly accept. When they arrive at the merchant’s house, they find that the merchant has prepared a lavish feast for them. The barbers, who are used to eating simple food, are overwhelmed by the variety and richness of the feast and eat to their hearts’ content. The merchant then asks the barbers for a favor in return for the feast. He tells them that he is going on a long journey and needs them to take care of his wife and children while he is away. The barbers, who are grateful for the feast, agree to do so. However, when the merchant returns, he finds that his wife and children have been neglected and mistreated by the barbers. The merchant, who is furious, confronts the barbers and tells them that they have repaid his kindness with ingratitude. The barbers, realizing their mistake, apologize and promise to make amends. The story teaches the lesson that it is important to be grateful and to repay kindness with kindness, rather than with ingratitude or neglect.

The Merchant and the Barbers – Panchatantra Story

There was once a wealthy merchant who lived in a bustling city. The merchant had a thriving business and was respected by all who knew him.

One day, the merchant decided to visit the local barber to get a haircut. The barber was a skilled craftsman and gave the merchant a stylish and well-groomed haircut.

The merchant was pleased with the barber’s work and decided to visit him again the following week. This time, the barber gave the merchant an even better haircut, and the merchant was even more impressed.

The merchant continued to visit the barber regularly, and each time, the barber’s haircuts got even better. Soon, the merchant’s friends and colleagues were all asking him where he got such stylish haircuts.

The merchant was happy to recommend the barber to his friends and colleagues, and business at the barber shop began to boom. The barber was grateful to the merchant for his recommendation and offered him a discount on all of his future haircuts.

The merchant was pleased with the barber’s gratitude and continued to visit him regularly. Over time, the two became good friends, and the barber’s business continued to thrive thanks to the merchant’s recommendation.

Moral of the Story

The moral of the story is that it is important to recognize and reward hard work and excellence. The merchant in the story recognizes the value of the barber’s skills and shares this with others, leading to the barber’s success. The story suggests that it is important to support and promote the work of those who are skilled and dedicated in their craft.

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