The Monkey and the Crocodile – Panchatantra Story With Moral (in English)

Introduction of ‘The Monkey and the Crocodile’ Panchatantra Story | Summary

The Monkey and the Crocodile is a story from the ancient Indian collection of stories and fables known as the Panchatantra. In this story, a monkey and a crocodile become friends and decide to live together in a tree that grows on the bank of a river. One day, the monkey goes out to gather fruit and leaves the crocodile in charge of guarding their home. While the monkey is away, a jackal comes by and tries to steal the crocodile’s food. The crocodile, who is too lazy to chase the jackal away, asks the monkey to do it instead. The monkey, not wanting to leave the crocodile alone, comes up with a plan to trick the jackal. The monkey tells the jackal that the crocodile is actually a fierce guardian who has the ability to turn into a human and will punish the jackal if he tries to steal again. The jackal, believing the monkey, runs away in fear and never returns. The story teaches the lesson that intelligence and wit can often be more effective in resolving conflicts than brute force.

The Monkey and the Crocodile – Panchatantra Story

One day, a monkey was walking along the bank of a river when it saw a crocodile sunning itself on the shore. The monkey knew that crocodiles were dangerous, but it was curious and decided to approach the crocodile.

As the monkey drew closer, the crocodile opened its mouth and revealed its sharp teeth. The monkey was terrified, but it didn’t run away. Instead, it asked the crocodile why it had such big teeth.

The crocodile replied, “I have big teeth because I am a predator. I hunt and eat other animals to survive.”

The monkey thought about this for a moment and then said, “But you are so big and strong. Surely you don’t need to hunt and eat other animals. Couldn’t you just live on fruits and vegetables like I do?”

The crocodile laughed and said, “I am a crocodile, not a monkey. I am built for hunting and eating meat. It is my nature.”

The monkey nodded and then asked, “Can I help you catch your next meal? I am a skilled hunter and I would be happy to assist you.”

The crocodile was surprised by the monkey’s offer and accepted. Together, the monkey and the crocodile set out to catch a fish.

The monkey climbed a tree and watched for a fish swimming by, while the crocodile waited patiently in the water below. When the monkey saw a fish, it called down to the crocodile, and the crocodile quickly snatched it up with its powerful jaws.

The monkey was impressed by the crocodile’s skills and asked if they could work together again. The crocodile agreed, and the two became good friends and hunting partners.

Moral of the Story

The moral of the story is that it is possible to find common ground and friendship with others, even if they are very different from us. The monkey and the crocodile in the story are able to overcome their differences and work together, proving that cooperation and understanding can lead to success and friendship.

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