The Mouse and the Frog – Panchatantra Story With Moral (in English)

Introduction of ‘The Mouse and the Frog’ Panchatantra Story | Summary

“The Mouse and the Frog” is a story from the Panchatantra, a collection of ancient Indian stories that are meant to teach moral lessons.

In this story, there was a mouse who lived in a hole near a pond. One day, the mouse saw a frog swimming in the pond and decided to ask it for help. The mouse explained that it was afraid of the water and needed the frog to help it get across the pond.

The frog agreed and asked the mouse to climb onto its back. The mouse did as it was told and the frog swam across the pond with the mouse on its back.

Once they reached the other side, the mouse thanked the frog and asked if it could return the favor by helping the frog across the pond. The frog agreed and climbed onto the mouse’s back.

As the mouse started to swim across the pond, it became tired and started to sink. The frog, realizing that the mouse couldn’t swim, quickly jumped off its back and swam to safety.

The moral of this story is that it is important to be honest about our abilities and to not take on tasks that we are not capable of completing. It also teaches the lesson that sometimes we must be willing to accept help from others when we need it.

The Mouse and the Frog – Panchatantra Story

Once upon a time, in a lush meadow, there lived a mouse and a frog. The mouse was a small, timid creature with a sharp sense of smell. The frog was a plump, green creature with long legs and a powerful jump.

One day, the mouse saw the frog lounging on a lily pad and called out to him. “Hello, frog,” said the mouse. “What are you doing today?”

The frog, who was always happy to make new friends, invited the mouse to join him on the lily pad. The mouse, who was hesitant at first, eventually agreed and hopped onto the lily pad.

As they sat together, the mouse asked the frog how he was able to jump so far. The frog explained that he had strong leg muscles and a powerful hop. The mouse, who was fascinated, asked the frog to teach him how to jump.

The frog, who was happy to oblige, showed the mouse how to stretch his legs and build up his strength. The mouse, who was a quick learner, soon became an expert jumper.

The frog, who was impressed by the mouse’s progress, asked him how he had learned to jump so quickly. The mouse explained that he had always been fascinated by the frog’s jumping abilities, and that he had learned by watching and imitating him.

The frog, who was flattered by the mouse’s admiration, thanked him for his kind words. From that day on, the mouse and the frog became good friends and often jumped together in the meadow.

Moral of the Story

The moral of the story is that it’s important to be open to learning from others and to appreciate the skills and knowledge of those around us. By collaborating and sharing our strengths, we can achieve more and create stronger relationships.

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