‘The Two Fools’ – Panchatantra Story With Moral (in English)

Introduction of ‘The Two Fools’ Panchatantra Story

“The Two Fools” is a story from the ancient Indian collection of tales known as the Panchatantra. It is a moral tale that teaches the importance of hard work and determination.

In the story, two friends, one wise and the other foolish, set out to earn a living. The wise friend suggests that they work hard and earn their livelihood through honest labor, but the foolish friend insists on finding a quick and easy way to get rich.

The foolish friend decides to go to a town where a rich man was offering a large sum of money to anyone who could make him laugh. Believing that this was an easy way to make a fortune, the foolish friend sets out to make the rich man laugh.

Despite trying various antics and jokes, the foolish friend is unable to make the rich man laugh. Meanwhile, the wise friend works hard and earns a living through honest labor.

After several failed attempts, the foolish friend becomes tired and decides to give up. However, the wise friend, seeing his friend’s frustration, suggests that they try one more time. This time, the foolish friend tells a joke that makes the rich man laugh, and he is finally able to earn the reward.

The story teaches the lesson that hard work and determination can lead to success, and that it is important to not give up easily in the face of challenges. It also highlights the value of friendship and the importance of helping and supporting those in need.

Write ‘The Two Fools’ Panchatantra Story

There were two friends, a crow and a fox, who lived in the same village. One day, the crow and the fox saw a pot of delicious curd hanging from a tree branch. The crow flew up to the branch and began to eat the curd, while the fox watched from below.

The fox, who was very clever, had an idea. He told the crow, “My dear friend, I see that you are having a hard time eating the curd from the pot. Why don’t you let me help you? If you drop the pot down, I will catch it and we can share the curd.”

The crow, who was very naive, believed the fox and dropped the pot down. But as soon as the pot fell, the fox ran away with it, leaving the crow empty-handed.

The crow was disappointed and angry at the fox for tricking him. But the fox just laughed and said, “Foolish crow, you are so naive. Don’t you know that a fox can never be trusted?”

The crow learned his lesson and vowed never to trust the fox again. He realized that it was better to be cautious and wise, rather than being foolish and trusting everyone.

The fox, on the other hand, continued to trick and deceive others, earning the reputation of being a dishonest and sly creature. In the end, it was the crow who was truly wise, while the fox remained a fool.

Moral of the Story

The moral of the story “The Two Fools” is that it is important to be cautious and wise, rather than being naive and trusting everyone. It is better to be cautious and question the intentions of others, rather than blindly trusting them and getting tricked or deceived.

The story teaches us that being naive and trusting everyone can lead to being taken advantage of, and that it is important to be aware of the true nature of those around us. It also shows that honesty and integrity are important values to uphold, and that being dishonest and deceitful can have negative consequences in the long run.

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