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What is ParaMedical? How to make a Career in Para Medical? Para Medical Career Guide, Para Medical Career Tips

    In today’s post, we will read “What is Para Medical? How to make a career in ParaMedical? If you also want to make a career in Para Medical, then read this post of us carefully.
    What is Para Medical? How to make a career in it? Para Medical Career Guide, Para Medical Career Tips
    As you know today, due to corona, there is a great need of medical staff (eg doctors, nurses etc.) all over the world. And now it is likely to be very much in demand in future.
    In such a situation, if you want to make a career in the medical field and want to make a career in para medical, then read this post carefully.
    Most of the students taking Science (Biology) subjects in class 12th have dreams of pursuing MBBS, BDS, or any major medical course. But what about the people who do not get admission in these courses and those who want to pursue a career in the medical field? Para Medical can be an opportunity for him to make his career.
    Many students get frustrated due to lack of proper knowledge of Para Medical. If you want to pursue a career in the medical field, then this post is for you, so that you too can make a career in Para Medical. In today’s post, you will learn about paramedical course.

    What is ParaMedical?

    One science that deals with pre-hospital emergency services is called paramedical science. And the person working in this field is referred to as a paramedic.
    You want to know what is paramedical? So we will give you the answer through this article today. Candidates who wish to pursue a career in paramedical tell that the major areas of work in the field of paramedical science are spinal cord injury management, fracture management, obstetric, burn and evaluation, and general accident scene evaluation.
    Those doing Paramedical Course are called Paramedic. Paramedical Medical work supports Paramedical Job oriental courses. After doing this, you get ready as a Healthcare Trend Worker, apart from this you can work as a Technician in Diagnosis, Physiotherapy, Laboratory, like Technician Radiology Assistant (MRI), Nursing Care Assistant, Dialysis Technician, Dental Assistant,  Ambulance Attendant, Operation Theatre Assistant.
    The paramedical is a professional who also performs the duties of doctors to some extent, that is, taking care of the patient in case of emergency, also basic treatment, most of the paramedicals are in the Emergency Medical Services Unit of the hospital.
    The increasing demand for skilled counselling specialists has opened up many career opportunities for young candidates. Many paramedical institutions offer courses in the field of para-medicine at degree- and diploma-level.
    We will tell you in this article how you can do paramedical, or what should be the qualification to do paramedical and you will get all the information related to paramedical from here. Some popular paramedical courses are given below.
    Many paramedical institutes in India are offering courses in undergraduate, postgraduate and diploma level in this field.

    How to do paramedical course?

    Some of you do not know how to do paramedical course? And perhaps this question may also arise in your mind. So, don’t worry, All information is given below. With the help of which you can know how to do paramedical course:

    What is the qualification of paramedical course ? : Career in Paramedical

    There are many paramedical colleges in India, which offer courses in the field of undergraduate degrees and at undergraduate degree and diploma levels.
    Talking about eligibility, one has to pass 10 + 2 level with science subject from any recognised board / university.
    Paramedical course can be done only after passing 10th, and only students who have Science in 12th class can do this course, some colleges have entrance test to take admission in these courses,
    List of paramedical courses after 12th.
    Para medical courses can be done after 10th, 12th. Paramedical field has various courses after 10th standard. These courses vary in length, such as one-year courses and six-month courses.
    Some of the popular one-year courses include radiologists, medical record technicians, and operation theatre technology. ICU technicians, ECG technicians, pharmacy assistants, CT technicians, and endoscopy technicians can do some six-month courses after completing their 12th grade.

    Paramedical Eligibility : Career in Paramedical :

    Paramedical Eligibility Basic Information: You can also do paramedical course after 10th. For para medical course, a student must have passed science in 12th standard. But the student is also required to have Physics, Chemistry and Biology subjects in 12th Science. After that the student can take admission in paramedical course.

    Paramedical  Diploma Course Eligibility :

    If you want to do diploma course in Paramedical then you can do 10 + 2 or after 10th. It depends on the type of institute and course offered.

    Paramedical  Certificate Course Eligibility :

    If you have completed 10th or 12th then you can do Paramedical  certificate courses.

    Paramedical Bachelor Degree Eligibility :

    If you are a student of 10 + 2 science stream (with PCB subjects). So you can do Paramedical  Bachelor degree courses.
    The eligibility criteria for a paramedical course usually change from one institution to another and also depend on the nature of the course. Readers should read the requirements and criteria set by the respective institutions.

    Types of Para Medical Courses:

    Those who have passed 10th, 12th or graduation can do paramedical. There are also many types of paramedical courses. Paramedical courses in India are available in 4 main forms –
    1. Master Degree in Paramedical
    2. Bachelor Degree in Paramedical
    3. Diploma in Paramedical
    4. Certification Courses in Paramedical
    Let us know in detail about these various courses of paramedical : 

    Master Degree Courses in Paramedical:

    The list of Master Degree Courses in Paramedical is given below.

    • M.Sc Nursing
    • Master of Physiotherapy
    • Master of Radiation Technology
    • Master of Pathology Technology
    • Master of Hospital Administration
    • Master of Optometry & Ophthalmic Technology
    • Master of Occupational therapy
    • Master of Pharmacy
    • PG Diploma in Maternal & Child Health
    • Master of Medical Lab. Technology
    • PG Diploma in Geriatric Medicine
    • Master of Veterinary & Public Health
    • PG Diploma in Hospital & Health Management

    Bachelor Degree Course in Paramedical:

    The Bachelor degree course in Paramedical is of 3 to 4 years. The list of Bachelor Degree in Paramedical is given below.
    • Bachelor of Radiation Technology
    • Bachelor of Physiotherapy
    • BSC X-ray Technology
    • BSC Nursing
    • BSC in nuclear Imagine Technology
    • BSC Medical Laboratory Technology
    • BSC Operation Theatre Technology
    • BSC in optometry
    • BSC Medical Record Technology

    Diploma Course in Paramedical:

    The diploma course in paramedical is of 1 to 3 years. The list of diploma courses is given below.

    • Diploma in x-ray technology
    • Diploma in occupational therapy
    • Diploma in ot technician
    • Diploma in Roller Health Care
    • Diploma in physiotherapy
    • ANM or Auxiliary Nurse Midwifery (in Nursing)
    • GNM or General Nursing and Midwifery
    • Diploma in dental hygienic

    Certificate Course in Paramedical :

    • The certificate course in paramedical ranges from 6 months to 2 years. The various 
    • certificate courses are as follows.
    • Certificate in Rural Health Care
    • Certificate in dental assistant
    • Certificate in home based health care
    • Certificate in technician and lab assistant
    • Certificate in x-ray technician
    • Certificate in Nursing Care Assistant
    • Certificate in dialysis technician
    • Certificate HIV and Family Education
    Apart from this, you can do specialisation in these subjects in Paramedical:
    • Pharmacology
    • Basic Life Support
    • Medical Emergencies

    Best Paramedical Courses after 12th:

    • Operation theatre technology
    • Medical x-ray technology
    • Medical lab technology
    • Medical record technology
    • health inspector
    • Medical mechanic
    • Dialysis technology
    • Eye technology

    Admission in Para Medical Course :

    Some colleges have direct admissions to seek admission to paramedical courses. To get admission in some colleges and universities, it is necessary to give their entrance exam. If you appear in their merit list, Only then you can get admission in those colleges or universities.

    Paramedical course fees:

    The fees in paramedical course are based on individual course and different college. However, the average fee for a General Certificate course is 50,000 Rs/semester. The fees for the Paramedical Bachelor degree course is ₹ 60000 a year and The diploma course fees range from 35000 to 40000 Rs/semester.
    • Paramedical Certificate Course Fee : 50,000 Rs/Semester.
    • Paramedical Bachelor Degree Course Fee : 60000 Rs/Year.
    • Paramedical Diploma Course Fee : 35000 – 40000 Rs/Semester.

    Jobs and career after Para Medical:

    In today’s times, paramedical professionals are also needed in these paramedics in government hospitals, private hospitals and government and private hospitals, clinic centres. Where you can make your career.
    Employment opportunities for paramedical professionals are increasing day by day. As you all know that as technology has evolved, so has the medical field. In today’s times, there is a great demand for paramedical professionals in the medical field who can support a doctor in an emergency.
    Paramedics professionals have plenty of career opportunities abroad. If you also complete core courses from any paramedical stream then after that, you can work as lecturer in your nursing home, hospital, clinic and health departments as well as colleges and universities.

    Salary after paramedical course:

    If you have done a paramedical course then you can easily get a salary of 2 lakh to 8 lakh. Nevertheless, it is based on your experience, your skills and your profession. Apart from this, in private sector you get more salary than public sector.

    Paramedics salary :

    There is different salary according to different post and field. Here are some details (but employers also give different salaries):
    • Dialysis Assistance Salary (Rs 20000 – 50000 Per Month)
    • Health care assistance Salary (Rs 5000 – 15000 Per Month)
    • Lab technician Salary (Rs 10000 – 70000 Per Month)
    • Radiology Technician Salary (Rs 10000 – 50000 Per Month)

    Best Paramedical Institute in India :

    If you also want to do paramedical, we will give you the names of some of the best paramedical institutions in India.
    • Christian Medical College, Pune
    • Armed Forces Medical College, Pune
    • Madras Medical College, Mumbai
    • Sri Ramachandra University, Chennai
    • Christian Medical College, Ludhiana
    • All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS)
    • Kasturba Medical College Manipal University, Manipal
    • University College of Medical Sciences, University of Delhi
    • Osmania University, Hyderabad
    • Seth Gordhandas Sunderdas Medical College, Mumbai
    • St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai
    • Jawaharlal Institute of Post Graduate Medical Education and Research (JIPMER)
    • Institute of Medical Sciences, Banaras Hindu University
    • Bangalore Medical College and Research Institute, Bangalore
    • Symbiosis International University
    • CMC Ludhiana
    • CMC Bangalore
    • School of Physiotherapy Mumbai
    • Institute of Paramedical Technology
    • Dental College Lucknow
    • Dental College Bengaluru
    • Madras Medical College Chennai
    • Impact Paramedical and Health Institute College Delhi
    • Dental College Thiruvananthapuram
    • Jaslok Hospital Mumbai
    • Institute of Physically Handicapped New Delhi
    • Rajiv Gandhi Paramedical Institute
    • DIPS Paramedical and Management Institute
    • Hindustan Institute of Medical Sciences Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh
    We hope this post is “What is Para Medical? How to make a career in it?” You might have liked. This information was about para medical.
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