who acts in the absence of sarpanch

In the absence of the Sarpanch, the Up-Sarpanch acts as the head of the Village Panchayat. The Up-Sarpanch is the deputy or vice-chairperson of the Village Panchayat and is elected by the members of the Panchayat.

If both the Sarpanch and Up-Sarpanch are absent, then the members of the Panchayat can elect one of their members to act as the temporary head of the Panchayat until the Sarpanch or Up-Sarpanch returns. This temporary arrangement is usually made for a short period until the regular head of the Panchayat returns or a new head is elected.

It is important to note that the powers and responsibilities of the Sarpanch cannot be exercised by any other person in the absence of the Sarpanch, except the Up-Sarpanch or a member of the Panchayat elected by the members in case both Sarpanch and Up-Sarpanch are absent.