Who invented bicycle Tyre First Time?

The modern bicycle tire, which uses an inflatable tube to provide cushioning and grip, was invented by John Boyd Dunlop in 1887. Dunlop, who was a Scottish veterinarian, invented the tire to provide a smoother ride for his son, who was having difficulty riding his tricycle on the rough roads of Belfast, Ireland.

Dunlop’s design consisted of a rubber inner tube that was inflated with air, which was then enclosed in a rubber tire. The air-filled tube provided a cushioning effect, which made for a smoother ride and improved traction on the road.

Dunlop’s invention was a significant improvement over the solid rubber tires that were used on bicycles at the time, and it revolutionized the bicycle industry. Today, bicycle tires continue to use the same basic design, with improvements in materials and technology to provide even better performance and durability.