Who is Ram and Sita

Ram and Sita are two of the most important and revered figures in Hinduism. Ram is the seventh avatar (incarnation) of the god Vishnu and is considered to be a symbol of righteousness, truth, and virtue. He is the hero of the Hindu epic, the Ramayana, which tells the story of his life and his many adventures.

Sita is Ram’s wife and is considered to be the epitome of womanly virtues in Hinduism. She is known for her loyalty, devotion, and selflessness. She is also a major character in the Ramayana and her story is one of the most famous in Hindu mythology.

The story of Ram and Sita is one of the most popular and beloved stories in Hinduism, and it has been retold and reinterpreted in many different forms over the centuries. It is a story of love, loyalty, and sacrifice, and it is deeply meaningful to many Hindus around the world.

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