Who is the father of Gautam Rishi (Gautama Maharishi)?

Gautam Rishi Father Name | Father Name of Gautama Maharishi.

Gautama Maharishi, also known as Gautama Rishi, is a prominent sage in Hindu mythology and is considered one of the Saptarishis or the seven great sages. He is known for his wisdom and knowledge, and his teachings have influenced many spiritual practices in Hinduism. However, his lineage and ancestry are often a topic of debate and confusion among Hindu scholars and devotees. In this article, we will now discuss this and know who is the father of Gautam Rishi & (Gautama Maharishi)?

Who is the father of Gautam Rishi (Gautama Maharishi)?

Gautama Maharishi was the son of sage Dirghatamas or Rahugana, who was also a prominent sage in ancient India. Dirghatamas was a descendent of the Angirasa lineage, which is one of the most prominent lineages of sages in Hinduism. Maharishi Angirasa, who is said to be one of the mind-born sons of Lord Brahma, is considered the progenitor of this lineage.

The Angirasa lineage has produced many great sages and seers, including Bharadvaja, Atri, Vasishtha, and Bhrigu, among others. These sages have contributed significantly to Hinduism through their teachings, writings, and spiritual practices. Gautama Maharishi is considered one of the most prominent sages of this lineage and is known for his knowledge of Ayurveda, meditation, and spirituality.

Gautama Maharishi is often associated with the legend of Ahalya, who was the wife of sage Gautama. Ahalya was cursed by her husband and turned into a stone, but she was later redeemed by Lord Rama, who touched the stone with his feet, and Ahalya was restored to her human form.

Another Hindu mythology tells something else about the father of Gautama Maharishi

According to another Hindu mythology, Gautama Maharishi’s father is Lord Brahma, who is one of the three primary deities in Hinduism and the creator of the universe.

Lord Brahma is believed to have created the universe from his own divine essence, and he is often depicted as having four faces and four arms, each of which holds a symbolic object. As the father of Gautama Maharishi, Brahma is revered for his role in creating the universe and for his association with knowledge and wisdom.

Gautama Maharishi’s mother is Saraswati, the goddess of knowledge, music, and the arts. Saraswati is often depicted as a beautiful woman with four arms, holding a book, a string of beads, a musical instrument, and a lotus flower. She is associated with knowledge, learning, and creativity, and is worshipped by students, scholars, and artists.

According to Hindu mythology, Gautama Maharishi was born from a lotus flower that emerged from Lord Brahma’s navel. He grew up to become a renowned sage and teacher, and is known for his wisdom and knowledge. Gautama Maharishi is also known for his marriage to Ahalya, who was seduced by the god Indra, which led to her being cursed to become a stone until she was freed by the touch of Lord Rama’s feet.


The lineage and ancestry of Gautama Maharishi are an important aspect of Hindu mythology and spiritual tradition. While there may be some variation in the details of his lineage and ancestry, it is generally accepted that he belonged to the Angirasa lineage and was the son of sage Dirghatamas or Rahugana. His teachings and spiritual practices have had a significant influence on Hinduism and continue to be studied and revered by devotees around the world.

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