Who Killed Indrajit in Ramayan

Who Killed Indrajit in Ramayan?

In the Hindu epic Ramayana, Indrajit is another name for Meghnath, the son of the demon king Ravana. Indrajit was a formidable warrior, renowned for his magical powers and his prowess in battle. However, he was ultimately killed by Lakshmana, Lord Rama’s younger brother.

During the battle between the forces of Rama and Ravana, Indrajit played a significant role as one of Ravana’s top commanders. He was known for his magical powers, which he used to create illusions and to fight from a distance. Indrajit was also known for his skill with weapons, including the Brahmastra, a powerful celestial weapon that he used to great effect.

In the course of the battle, Indrajit managed to capture both Rama and Lakshmana, and he brought them before Ravana. However, Hanuman, the monkey god and a devotee of Rama, was able to rescue the brothers, and they returned to the battlefield with renewed determination.

Lakshmana then engaged Indrajit in a fierce battle. Indrajit used his magical powers to create illusions and to summon a variety of weapons, but Lakshmana was able to counter his attacks. Lakshmana then used the Brahmastra to strike Indrajit, killing him instantly.

The death of Indrajit was a significant turning point in the battle between the forces of Rama and Ravana. With Indrajit’s death, Ravana’s army lost one of its strongest commanders, and the tide of the battle began to turn in favor of Rama.

In summary, Indrajit was killed by Lakshmana, who used the Brahmastra to strike him and end his life.

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