Biharsharif STD Code For Landline, India

Biharsharif STD Code For Landline India:-

TheĀ STD code for landline phones in Biharsharif is 06112. This code is required to be dialed before the actual phone number when making a call from outside Biharsharif or from a mobile phone to a landline number within Biharsharif.

For example, if you areĀ making a call to a landline number in Biharsharif from Mumbai, you would dial 011 (Biharsharif STD code) followed by theĀ Biharsharif landline phone number. If you are making a call from a mobile phone withinĀ Biharsharif to a landline number in Biharsharif, you can directly dial the landline phone number without adding theĀ STD code.

Itā€™s important to note that theĀ STD code for landline phones in BiharsharifĀ is the same as theĀ STD code for mobile phones in Biharsharif, which is also 06112. However, the format of theĀ phone number for landlineĀ andĀ mobile phonesĀ is different, withĀ landline numbersĀ starting with 2, 3, or 4, andĀ mobile numbersĀ starting with 6, 7, 8, or 9.

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